There are plenty of resources out there for parents espousing cookie-cutter techniques and formulas for fool-proof parenting. This is not one of those resources. There are also, in the Christian context, plenty of resources out there for parents that equip for moralism and self-absorbed spirituality rather than for Gospel-centered living and love-compelled mission. This is not one of those resources, either. And this isn’t the parenting resource to end all resources.

So why SENTkids.com?

Well, Jesus, the Sent One, declared His followers now to be the sent ones. Mission is not a program or project we tack onto our Christian development efforts. Discipleship and evangelism and mission were never dichotomized by Jesus. People did that. We have shifted our course away from Christ’s intentions for His church toward individualized, self-improvement discipleship concepts that normally through guilt and obligation include a service project or mission trip every now and then. This doesn’t sound like a sent life.

We have had a lot of moms and dads ask us, “How, even if we have a young family, do we start parenting our kids to hopefully live sent lives?” We have tried to answer this the best we can, and in the process have realized how few resources there are out there with this purpose.

Thus, SENTkids.com.

And we need your help. Leave us comments below with your ideas and resources that have helped you parent for sent kids. And keep checking back for updates and posts and more resources.

Grateful to be learning and living the ways of Jesus with you!!!
-jason and jen



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