great article about “2 lies that keep families from being missional” from the Verge Network

from STEW with the VERGE NETWORK:

When talking with parents of young children about the idea of being in a Missional Community, of joining a small group of believers who work together to declare and demonstrate the gospel, I usually get one of two excuses.

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Grace and Peace,
Michael “Stew” Stewart
Founding Director, Verge Network


Day 1 of 6: Paul Tripp shares in six short videos wise insights on mission in marriage and family.

My friend Lan Leavell introduced me to the writings and ministry of Paul Tripp. Lan introduced me to a lot of books and authors, for he is the avidest of avid readers I know. But his introduction to Tripp is quiet meaningful, for his writings and videos have encouraged and challenged me significantly.

This week I am sharing them with you.

Six days. Six short videos. All from the Verge Network. All about living on mission in our marriage and with our kids. Valuable equipping resources to grow kids with grace and send kids with gospel. I hope you will be enriched as well as sent by them, to live in the identity the Sent One has given to us (John 20:21).

Here is the first:

What is unique about marriage that makes it a forum for ministry?
by Paul Tripp

Learn more about Paul Tripp’s writings and ministry at

Check out this free guide full of great resources on Being a Missional Family from the Verge Network…


Check out this free guide full of great resources on Being a Missional Family from the Verge Network. Grateful for Stew and the gang with Verge for providing such awesome resources for moms and dads and church leaders.
From Verge _

What does it look like to build a marriage, raise children and build a family around Jesus, the gospel and mission? In this helpful guide you will receive 5 practical resources for building a missional marriage, and 7 practical resources for raising missional children.

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