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So grateful for the Exponential leadership team and the ebooks they have so generously offered over the last year. So grateful they would include one that I have written entitled Say No to Discipleship?!?

You can get your free copy by clicking here and choosing one of three sharing options.

It is worth connecting with the Exponential email blast that goes out. Such great equipping tools they share week to week. Hopefully the new ebook will be worth leaving them an email or posting on Facebook or tweeting out. 🙂

Much love.

Parent from grace rather than for goodness (thoughts on parenting sent kids)…


As parents, let’s try to love and lead kids the way God loves and leads us. He loved us first, taking initiative to come near. How much initiative do we take to encourage and equip our kids? Let’s try to emphasize that we are loved by the God who came near, trying to learn more about what God thinks of us rather than what we think of Him. What are we emphasizing with our kids?

Let’s try to encourage them to believe that they are fully secure and freely loved by Jesus in hopes that they will live as though filled up rather than seeking to be filled up and will love first and be a friend first rather than waiting around for friends and giving allegiance to the ones who give attention to them.

Jesus may not value our moral development as much as we often think He does. Rather, He does value that we love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. The former is a life toward personal goodness neglecting grace. The latter is a life from grace embracing God’s goodness.

May we parent from grace rather than for goodness.

This week, we will try to unpack this thought a little more.

Hopeful for send kids!!!

introducing SENTKids.com >>


So, here we go. I have had it on my heart for a little while now to start a blog that is solely for parents who are trying to learn how to parent their kids from the foundation of grace, to believe Christ’s love, and then be compelled to live on mission with Him. Thus, SentKids.com or Missional Parenting.com, whichever you used to find us. 🙂

There are plenty of resources out there for parents espousing cookie-cutter techniques and formulas for fool-proof parenting. This is not one of those resources. There are also, in the Christian context, plenty of resources out there for parents that equip for moralism and self-absorbed spirituality rather than for Gospel-centered living and love-compelled mission. This is not one of those resources, either.

Jesus, the Sent One, declared His followers now to be the sent ones. Mission is not a program or project we tack onto our Christian development efforts. Discipleship and evangelism and mission were never dichotomized by Jesus. People did that. We have shifted our course away from Christ’s intentions for His church toward individualized, self-improvement discipleship concepts that normally through guilt and obligation include a service project or mission trip every now and then. This doesn’t sound like a sent life.

What SentKids.com is proposing we are not guaranteeing. Our kids aren’t old enough yet to have evidenced the veracity if our claims. However, we have seen enough early fruit to be committed to this pathway, and we felt compelled to share with what we are learning so as to sharpen one another along the way. Raising kids is tough, and we need each other.

So, what are we proposing? Click on the “suggestions” link above to find out! 🙂

And what next? Well, we are finishing a few ebooks to be released this year. AND, we will try to post stories, anecdotes, and resources a few times a week to encourage and equip parenting for SENT kids!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!