Jesus didn’t do discipleship and evangelism and ministry and missions separately. He just made disciples and sent disciple-makers. He conversed about and embodied the Kingdom of God in order to see people awaken to their Christ-given identity and their cross-assuring security and their resurrection-compelling purpose. He prayed for on earth as it is in heaven. He made disciples that learned and lived on earth as it is in heaven in their daily relationships.

Have we?

What kind of disciples have been made by “discipleship” as we have practiced it or too often as we have ignored it? Are we discipling as Jesus intended? Will we ever actually see new expressions of the church as well as repurposed existing expressions of the church without actually making disciples who live sent to make disciples as the church?

Maybe we need to say no to discipleship as it has been done and yes to making disciples like Jesus did. Maybe we need to quit wanting to start a movement and join the one He started.

May we be willing to reorient whatever is necessary in our lives and in our leadership to do so.


THREE EBOOKS COMING SOON to help equip you to parent sent kids!!!

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