For some reason, the Free Throw shot in basketball, although uncontested and straight on from in front of the basket, is one of the most difficult. A layup, two feet from the goal, often banks off too hard. Dribbling and passing, in today’s one-on-one game are lost fundamentals essential to a team’s success. With a win or a championship in mind, and even sometimes with just the individual accomplishment rather than the team’s focus in mind, the fundamentals are often overlooked.

Parents do this, too. We may have goals of raising “sent kids,” but do we give the attention to wrestling with and immersing ourselves in the language of and implications of the Gospel in order to do this? Is the Gospel something we can teach in the flow of conversation with our kids? Only when we ourselves make mental margin as well as calendar margin to learn it and process it and be disturbed by it and transformed by it.

The Gospel of Jesus is vast enough that no amount of time ever could be enough to grasp it. Yet, the Gospel of Jesus is simple enough that its significant impact can often be missed. With Christ’s help, as we grow kids with grace and send kids with gospel, we need not overlook the fundamental of being able to articulate and teach the Gospel to ourselves as well as our children. We need to ask Jesus to help us grow to be fluent in the Gospel so that we can translate it into the lives of our children.

With that in mind, here’s a short video from Trevin Wax about teaching the Gospel to kids.

And here’s a short video summarizing the Gospel called “321” that is very clear and well-done.

Hope these resources help you as you grow kids with grace and send kids with Gospel.


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