Check out the new ebook Parent Shift from my friend John Richardson. Worth the read…

My friend John Richardson and I met each other in our middle school years. We played a whole lot of basketball together. I don’t think either of us expected to end up helping folks start a new local church, which we did in two different cities, respectively. And I don’t think either of us expected to write stuff about lessons we are learning as parents. But we did that, too, by God’s grace. He has also written a really unique book with a very special story about the local church and together generosity called Giving Away the Collection Plate. John also blogs at

But with regards to this blog site, John wrote Parent Shift. This ebook about parenting can be purchased on for only $2.99.

This week I will feature three blog posts from John. The first is a description of Parent Shift, which is below. The other two are derived from the book.  Praying they will sharpen you as they have sharpened me as we all continue to ask Jesus to help us grow kids with grace and send kids with gospel. 🙂



About Parent Shift

Let me ask you something.  What is your parenting goal?  Maybe – to this point – your goal has been to raise good kids.  Maybe your goal is to raise an academic scholar or maybe you want to produce a doctor (who can eventually help you pay your bills).  Maybe you are at the point where you’ll be happy with childhood survival; you just want them to make it through in one piece.

At some point, all parents have to ask the tough questions related to the way they are raising their children.  For example, “Have I really succeeded by teaching them right from wrong and helping them get through 3rd grade math?” Or, “Is it enough that I pass on some (stunningly attractive) genes and teach them to obey all the rules?”  We, as parents, want our children to live deeply satisfying and happy lives.  So, will our current parenting goals and techniques get them there?

Parent Shift was created to refocus our parenting goals based on the ways of Jesus.  This short book focuses on the things that truly matter.  It is written to address the most important (yet often the most overlooked) area of raising children…spiritual health.  Parent Shift was designed to help your family to bridge the gap between church and home.  It can empower you to:

  • Raise disciples at home (without waiting on the church to disciple them)
  • Develop a discipling plan based on your child’s individual personality
  • Teach your children to listen for God’s voice
  • Encourage a lifestyle of serving others

Our children are worth more than status quo parenting.  Parent Shift demonstrates how to help them live up to their incredible worth by nudging parents toward one, audacious goal…raising children that think and act like Jesus.


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