Three questions to pray about and discuss as parents and maybe even as a whole family in hopes of becoming a sent family together.

Consider praying through and discussing the following three questions as parents and possibly even as a whole family. The conversation may reveal some areas where confession and repentance are needed. Which is awesome, because one of the fundamental essentials for parenting SENT kids is to be confessional, gospel-believing, being-transformed-by-Jesus parents.

1. How might our family relationships become more gracious?

2. What are the implications of the Gospel upon our parental approaches?

3. Are there any behaviors within our family, even as parents, that are subtly self-indulgent or self-righteous, and if so will we identify them and confess them and ask Jesus to change us in the coming months?

Maybe getting private with Jesus around these questions first would be helpful, so that you and I can lead out with our own personal reflections from them, breaking the ice so that honesty and transparency can avail when they are discussed together.

Jesus, please help us parent secure because You have loved us, and please help us to love our kids like You have loved us.


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