Part 3 of 3: This week: “right on” or “not so much.” Three common parental notions needing to be either debunked or affirmed.

This week, we have been considering common parental notions that may or may not need to be affirmed or debunked. Today’s is:

The more successful I help my kid to be, the more successful he or she will be as an adult.

Two words come to mind regarding this common parental notion. Rescue and entitlement.

Kids that are rescued from difficulty often struggle with resilience through difficulty as an adult. Parents, may we learn this valuable lesson and make sure we teach it to our kids – DIFFICULT DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL BAD. Failure may be the most transformational teacher there is. Especially in a home of grace and gospel. Encourage your kids through difficulty. Quit jumping so quickly to rescue them. Let them even fall every now and then. Help them back up. Then push them to try again.

Kids that are purposefully put in situations in which a parent knows their children will be highly successful often struggle with entitlement as an adult. Ask every business manager today if they aren’t facing a generation parented with this parental notion. Entitlement rules the day. Paying dues. Working hard through hard wok in order to learn how to lead those in that work. These are forgotten essentials. Kids tend to think they are owed success when they have been helped to always be successful. That approach may not be as productive as parents imagine it to be.

Parents – quit rescuing all the time. Quit cultivating for entitlement. The issue might really be with the parents on this one. Are we too lazy or too busy as parents to have time to deal with our children’s failures with them?

Man, I hope not.

Lord, have mercy on us.


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