Parent for kids who will make disciples among the lost rather than become saved and satisfied.

It is the difference between extraction and engagement. Whichever one your kids see you do is the one they will likely do, and whichever one you do for your kids will shape the one they likely choose to do as adults.

Be cautious of only placing kids in “Christian” environments and isolated Bible studies assuming that this will grow them into quality Christian adults. What if it doesn’t?

What if this is just personal discipleship rather than making disciples. One Jesus commanded. The other Jesus never modeled for us. He did, however, model learning the ways of the Kingdom of God together, measuring the fruit of our lives inside of community rather than with a mirror.

If we as parents extract our kids out of the environments in which they can learn Jesus inside of pockets of family-like relationships both with followers of Jesus as well as with those who don’t, then we may get something we thought we wanted but actually probably don’t – a thinker who struggled to critically grapple with anything outside of Christian dogma, an isolationist who fears cultural engagement prohibiting themselves from loving as Jesus has loved, a religious spiritualist who follows moralism rather than Messiah.

May we parent in hopes that they will make disciples, along with us first as well as when we send them along.


3 thoughts on “Parent for kids who will make disciples among the lost rather than become saved and satisfied.

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